Deyah looks back on "Genesis"

Emerging rapper Deyah takes us all the way to "Genesis." The reflective track is ripe with moody and bass-heavy production courtesy of TEN BILLION DREAMS and sees the rapper unveiling profound and unfiltered details about herself and her experiences. Armed with a commanding vocal tone and knack for vivid imagery, Deyah's lyrics sure strike a chord and listeners can easily relate to what she has been through, from self-doubt, addiction to finding the strength to overcome it all.

Deyah is a British artist whose life is framed by a childhood spent half in Nigeria and the other half in the UK. She started her career from home-produced music to help her channel her anger and frustration to working with UK’s best production teams including TEN BILLION DREAMSASTRONOTE and JAKWOB. She sure has accomplished a feat in a short time after bouncing back from her personal travails and even got the coveted Welsh Music Prize award in late 2020 for her album CARE CITY.

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