Didi + Ping shows two sides of his artistry on 'Pathfinder + Solitude'

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Didi + Ping showcases two distinct sides of his artistry on two-track release, Pathfinder + Solitude, showcasing an easy ability to build transportive sonic worlds that pull us in. Leaning into his trademark experimental electronic soundscapes, the two bring intricate melodies together with anthemic danceable energy, offering us the best of both worlds.

Where “Pathfinder” injects fiery percussions and pulsing basslines, “Solitude” comes alive as a gentle wash of emotional melodies led by lush violins. The edgy spark of "Pathfinder," is juxtaposed against the serenity of "Solitude," as the vastly different musicality of the tracks balance each other out, bringing a vibrant, uplifting energy infused equally with gentleness and grittiness. Brimming with thoughtfully composed blends of soft melodies, emotional chords and catchy instrumentation, the tracks tap into his skills for crafting atmospheric, up-tempo offerings. 

A descendent of grandparents who fled China during the civil war in search of a better life in Canada, Chinese-Canadian Kristian Wang's music serves as powerful reminder of his ancestors’ stories and struggles as his intricate artistry as Didi + Ping has developed with equal footing in his rich Asian heritage and his penchant for producing buoyant composition. 

Steadily growing his presence in melodic house — this latest project being yet another glimpse of the experimental act's ability to craft lilting, purposeful productions.

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