Dirty Vegas returns with “Happening”

This past Friday saw an incredible volume of quality new music making its debut. With electronic music specifically seeing enough return to make any fan salivate to return to live events, especially with the impending arrival of warm weather. After a weekend of digesting these new arrivals, it’s clear that Dirty Vegas‘s latest, “Happening,” is a stand out from this latest batch.

Dirty Vegas’s legacy is forever embedded in electronic music with the success of the evergreen “Days Go By,” released in 2001. But the duo – formerly Ben Harris and Paul Harris, with Steve Smith on vocals – now operating as Paul Harris with again, Smith on vocals, haven’t had too much activity in new music in recent years, releasing a couple of singles each year. Most of these have flown under the radar, minus some impressive contemporary remixing of “Days Go By” in 2019.

“Happening” might change that trajectory. It’s style is classic, simply layered for maximum impact in only a way that a veteran producer could execute. But what makes this different isn’t its melodic progressive leanings or its brightness from acidic synths, it’s the stick in your head vocal from Smith. While “Happening” might just be a one off single, it highlights the talents of some of dance music’s greatest.

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