DOPICO looks within on “Take Care of Myself”

NY-based indie-pop act DOPICO is making use of this global lockdown to cheer listeners up with her brand of uplifting music as she drops her new single “Take Care of Myself.” While days start to blend into one another and activities become limited and somewhat robotic, DOPICO urges everyone to look at the bright side even within all the gloominess floating around. The cheerful vibe of the song continues her trend of uplifting electro-pop tracks such as previous releases “Money” and “Saturday Night.”

The track brings a colorful ambiance awhile tapping into a retro synth-driven sound reminiscent of late ’80s pop ballads. Swirling lead synths deliver a vibrant tune backed by thick electronic drums and lush strings. DOPICO’s simple and catchy melodies provide a moments for her to let loose and showcase her full vocal range. There is nothing overly complex here but rather her aim is a pure fun-filled vibe that can help listeners tune out of the quarantine blues. 

On top of being a hustling independent artist, DOPICO is presently studying for her Master’s degree at Columbia University to become a mental health therapist. Her passion for music and mental health is what drives her art and helps empower her listeners beyond the music. 

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