Downtown Kayoto introduces himself on "Hello World" [Video]

Hull, UK's Downtown Kayoto has come a long way since his previous single "Rox" released last December. A brief hiatus allowed for the UK creative to further refine his artistry, delving into a new, playfully soulful sound. For anyone that wasn't already familiar with the do-it-all Hull artist, allow him to reintroduce himself on "Hello World."

Cleverly splicing American R&B with grime-influenced drum builds and drops, the Frankie Scoca-produced offering is equal parts melodic ballad and raucous nu-disco blur.  Somewhat akin to the production of Mura Masa, it showcases a sound that very few people can execute well without feeling disjointed or thrown together. Rest assured, the song does indeed mesh, buoyed by the flawless production as well as the natural charisma of its star.  In an energetic visual set against a muted UK backdrop, Kayoto dons an rmr-reminiscent ski mask as he defines the ethos of his unique grime-tinged pop and silky smooth R&B marriage.  The brilliant cuts and lighting really help give a distinct energy to the track, emphasizing the two disparate moods created between the chorus and verses.  

In the midst of a booming UK music scene, Downtown Kayoto is determined to not fall between the cracks.  With a stern commitment to nothing but the highest quality music and visuals, Hull's stunning young star is more than ready to be introduced on the world stage.

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