Dragonfruit explores virtual dimensions with animator Astrid Martirossian on “U.”

When Dragonfruit dropped their single “Some Say” last year, it was clear that they were a group to watch. After taking some time for various other projects since then, the Dutch band has returned with a new instrumental track entitled “U.” that is accompanied by a spellbinding animation from Dutch artist Astrid Martirossian. Dragonfruit’s sound and Martirossian’s visual aesthetic make for a natural pairing with both of their expansive creativity on full display.

Dragonfruit’s music for “U.” features a driving beat, shimmery synth pads, and a busy, angular bass line that effectively creates a sense of fantasy and wonder, which is reinforced by the periodic sections of a dreamy half time feel. With that thoughtful, pulsing soundtrack, Martirossian’s animation explores the ramifications of isolation on humanity and the continually blurring lines between reality and the digital world. With a vibrant color scheme, powerful imagery, and poignant emotional moments, the animation offers a fitting visual component to “U.” in which both the music and the video coalesce to elevate the impact of one another. Astrid Martirossian’s work should garner attention from artists and viewers far and wide, while Dragonfruit adds another dimension to their already impressive capabilities, making the project an undoubted success.

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