Dream-pop artist Hien blossoms in newest single, “Bloom”

Vietnamese-Hungarian artist Hien’s newest single, “Bloom,” is an ethereal and light listen. Singing since she was 15, Hien's been steadily building a name for herself with album releases and even musicals. Since, the artist has left a major label and her home countries of Vietnam and Hungary, out to prove that she can make strides on her own.

"Bloom" maintains a gentle tone, a pleasure to the ears, as it starts with a glistening piano accompanied by an open and airy background. Hien’s vocals are almost angelic, especially when the chorus comes in with a strong, yet refined minimal drumbeats.

The music video is also very distinct and heartwarming. Instead of focusing on herself, the video shows a group of young girls of the Vietnamese tribe, Mmong, wandering and enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of Vietnam. Hien shared her visions, saying, “I knew I wanted this film to represent girls who were raised in a matrilineal social structure. […] The girls in 'Bloom' are precious to me — their magic lies in their infectious joy and pure hearts. […] 'Bloom' celebrates young girls, sisterhood and the cultural diversity of indigenous Vietnam.”

The single comes off of her upcoming fall EP of the same name, which will also center on similar themes of self-growth and compassion and finding independence. It sounds like an empowering listen, so turn your notifications on her socials to find out more information when it comes out.

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