Dream-pop duo Amethysts trace their sonic journey so far on self-titled debut album

Suffolk dream-pop duo Amethysts trace their journey so far on the expansive self-titled debut album, building emotive arrangements across 13 intricate, ambient tracks. Marking what the duo describe as “exciting times” in their music, the album lays the foundation for Amethysts' sonic evolution.

AMETHYSTS · Amethysts

Opening with the grounding, spoken-word “Intro,” before smoothly picking up with the swirling synth-tinged styling of “How It Is,” the album immediately establishes a layered soundscape with Clarice’s soaring lead vocals at its centre, framed by Simon’s delicate harmonies. Quickly weaving catchy pop melodies infused with electro vibes, the glitchy instrumental and echoey beats of “Pressure Makes Diamonds” gives away to the elegant lilt of ballad-like stand-out “Forget Me Not.”

Jumping from slow-built offerings straight into anthemic style on “My Love,” before circling back into the hypnotic sensibilities of synth-led instrumental track “Semi Precious,” the album establishes Amethysts' ability to smoothly move across genres, underpinned by gentle vocals and hazy sonics. 

From a selection of uplifting dream pop, the duo offer up carefully crafted highlight, “Wreckers,” lulling vocals blooming to life against a backdrop of soft, slowly building beats before the crystal-clear guitar strums and  husky vocals of “Young” push us towards the end of the transportive production.

Weaving charming pop anthems into the soothing samples of the meditative “Alone,” the album comes to a close on the high of heavily layered “Outro” for a memorable finish underscored by their ability to consistently create deep yet catchy hooks.

Beat heavy experimentation merges with airy touches as Amethysts deliver an album stocked full of dark and light moments as they enter a new era of music built on their signature of relatable songwriting and charming performance while also hinting at a more refined sound.

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