Dream pop duo Tangerine will “See You There” jamming to their new single

"See You There" is the upcoming single from LA/Seattle indie pop duo TANGERINE made up of Marika Justad and Toby Kuhn. Usually known for their fun surf-rock sound, they’re taking their sound into the mellow, dreampop realm as seen with their last single, “The Coldest Winter.” Now, they take us right back into summer with this newest track.

"See You There" blossoms gently with a sunny Spanish guitar and Justad’s breathy vocals. The chorus brings some lo-fi synths and bedroom pop elements with its encapsulating simplicity. There are definite vibes from artists like SALES or Tennis, with melodic and sweet productions.

The inspiration for the song sounds just as relaxing and beautiful as the song itself as Justad states, “I wrote it at a time when I was feeling fairly anti-social, but knew that I wanted to break out of my shell. I wanted to transport myself temporarily to this magical scene where I could see all my friends at a fountain and drink wine with them and feel carefree and anxiety-free.”

Now that the band has transitioned into this new sound and have succeeded, it’ll be exciting to see what they release next.

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