Dream-pop outfit Daise returns with “Paint Me Perfect” and new EP

SoCal indie/dream-pop four piece Daise arrives with their first release of 2021 in the form of “Paint Me Perfect.” Plucked off their new EP Eyes Ahead, which is also out today, “Paint Me Perfect” is a steadiness of dark and ethereal sonic undercurrents propelling the band into a fresh new soundscape that’s accentuated with great energy and pure emotion.

For vocalist/guitarist Nick Chiprez, lead guitarist Edwin Robles, bassist Justin Barner, and drummer Adrian Chiprez, their new collection of songs were born out of the pandemic. Noticeably, Daise doesn’t want them to be strictly tied to this period in our world as their struggles and hardships go beyond a 2020 quarantine timeline. Intensely personal and greatly expressive, Daise channels their pain and tenacity into a dreamy, reverb-laden effort propelled by a strong syncopated rhythm section. The amalgamation of 70s funk, 80s new wave, and 90s indie rock is evident and Daise creates an intricate balance of textures and tones that spark an overall atmosphere that’s familiar yet rejuvenated. “Paint Me Perfect” is one part of the band’s new EP Eyes Ahead, a six-song record that serves as a sonic journal discussing the anxieties, depressions, and separations the band has experienced, but also lending a hand to hopefulness and the pursuit of a brighter future. 

“‘Paint Me Perfect” is a song that challenges others' expectations of you or people around you, whether you’re strangers or not,” the San Bernardino-based band shared over email. “The title alone is a statement that asks if you don’t like who I am then “what’s your perfect image of me?” This however for us ties in to a wide range of topics, to us it can be seen as a feeling to fail the expectations of a partner, friend, or parent. Or it could be experiencing a form of prejudice, racism, etc.” 

With the release of their EP as well, Daise’s record is a reflection of their advancement as musicians, as friends, and emphasizes their unity as they move forward together into an even greater unknown. 

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