Dublin singer GRWL captures complex modern relationships on “Facetime"

Dublin R&B and pop musician GRWL follows up her stunning debut single with the luxurious track “Facetime,” which combines her sultry vocals with subdued beats. Exploring the complexity of relationships in a modern world, the gentle offering weaves a relatable tale about online relationships.

Channeling the rawness of missing someone and having only a phone to alleviate the void of their presence, “Facetime,” captures heartfelt honesty in her hazy lilt and poignant songwriting, letting listeners have a glimpse of the rising singer’s inner-most feelings.

With a soothing atmosphere framed by laid-back bedroom pop aesthetics, GRWL’s artistry is quickly developing a signature of intricate melodies paired with candid narratives. Enveloping us in the warmth of her delicate sonics, GRWL has grown leaps and bounds in the one year since her debut single “Overstayed,” and with this latest foray she lays a stronger foundation of her personable, comforting music.

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