Dublin six-piece Loraine Club drop upbeat, groovy title track from new EP

Irish six-piece Loraine Club drop feel-good title track from upcoming EP Desire. Offering up their signature groovy electro-tinged sound, the track is warm and welcoming at the juncture where melodic vocals meet a soundscape of catchy drums and ethereal chords, weaving half-time drum patterns within laid-back yet anthemic instrumentals to create a listening experience which feels like the touch of sunshine on a dreary day.

With a distinct 80’s, retro-wave vibe which zeros in on the earworm sound that the band have been honing for years, “Desire” is an uplifting anthem with an R&B edge built on the band’s versatile sound that sees them seamlessly blending touches of easy-going groove with the energetic elements of pop, disco, funk & chillwave, refining the electronic disco musicality they’ve established since their beginnings as a band in 2015.

Consistently working on new music, the sextet’s latest groovy offering is an enticing glimpse of their EP, produced by band member Zac Curtis that has seen them honing their individual skills and musical influences within the intricate sonic setup they’ve created as a group. Teasing their upcoming project and the possibility of new music, Loraine Club said,”We’re already working on the next one.”

The band which began with Jordan and Zac Curtis writing together grew with Jonny Halpin, Brian Smith, James Connolly and Mick Keeley eventually joining the line-up. From the success of their previous release “Disco Biscuits,” to this current single and beyond as the release of their EP comes closer, Loraine Club are proving themselves to be an emerging act to watch armed with authentic song writing, a far-reaching musicality and the undeniable warmth of their sound.

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