Dutch Criminal Record drop uplifting and versatile EP "It’s Gonna Be Okay"

Portsmouth trio Dutch Criminal Record, drop their uplifting EP It’s Gonna Be Okay, offering an energetic collection of tracks built on delicate combination of guitars and synths underpinned by booming beats. Through five tracks written over the lockdown last March, the EP enraptures us with its versatility. Spanning from indie-pop to acoustics and surf-rock, each track on the EP is stylised with the band’s signature production skill that balances feather-light vocals with sharp sonics.

With a common thread of reassurance and coping running through every song whether on the observational touch of spoken-word title track “It’s Gonna Be Okay,” or the anthemic feel of guitar-led, synth-tinged offering “Return To Dust,” Dutch Criminal Record channel their struggles into hope in the EP.

From the suitably nostalgic sensibilities of “00’s Nostalgia,” the production moves effortlessly into the groovy vibe and catchy humming of “Hey Charlie,” delivering one stand-out after another, before bringing it to melancholic yet dreamy close with the soothing acoustics of “Living In Dreams.”

Speaking about the EP, which draws from the relatable struggles of coping with lockdown whether it be maintaining long-distance relationship or moving in with our parents, the band says,”All of the songs are in some way a new step for us either from a production or song writing perspective, we've tried a lot of new stuff here and I think the time we've had to write in a more experimental way.”

With an intricate mix of infectious vocals and addictive sonics which have been refined in their latest feel-good offering, Dutch Criminal Record – consisting of Sam Thrussell, Joe Frampton and Joe Delaney-Stone– have quickly established themselves as an act worth the hype through the power of their vibrant musicality and are continuing on the upward trajectory.

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