Dylan Chambers battles himself on "Me Vs. Me" [Video]

L.A.-based pop, funk-soul guitarist/vocalist Dylan Chambers is a one-man band whose newest effort "Me Vs. Me" beautifully captures his energetic persona and commanding vocals. The vibrant funky track sees Chambers going against himself as he aims to be the better person for all intent and purposes. He makes use of producer Stefan Litrownik's bright textures, earworm funky guitar riffs, and rousing drum grooves that blend perfectly with his bold melodic runs and soulful harmonies. The record is quite arresting with it's retro-modern aesthetics and uber funky vocal projections.


The visual directed by Justin Frick with the aid of Gage Sohler takes elements from the old school with a slight nod to The Ed Sullivan Show, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and more. Chambers plays the lead role with his adversary being, you guessed it, himself. Viewers follow the two as they batte in an actual boxing ring and at a game of rock 'em sock 'em to determine the victor.It's quite exciting with it's retro set pieces and a cast of supporting characters who help bring the song to life with their various antics.

In the past, Dylan Chambers, has collaborated with producer John Alagía (John Mayer, Herbie Hancock), critically acclaimed singer Haley Reinhart (American Idol, F is for Family), Mark Ballas (Dancing with the Stars) and Grammy Award-nominated, multi-platinum jazz artist Dave Koz.

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