Dylan Joshua releases rugged new single and music video “Time is Relative”

Ever feel lost with no direction as time just slips by? Dylan Joshua has an snwer for that as he drops a moody new offering “Time is Relative” detailing time sliding through your fingers as each day is a repeat of the next. His soulful, emotive vocals glide atop a simple smooth hip-hop beat.

Joshua’s accompanying music video fit the song’s organic air with its grainy home movie vibes. Adding a personal touch to the video, Joshua is asked in the studio how he is feeling and with his head in his hands he says, ” I’m gonna say confused” which encapsulates the whole earnesteness of the track.

Joshua is known to bring a raw authenticity to his music that captivates all who listen. Fusing R&B and hip-hop, he candidly sings of life’s everyday struggles through his own unique personal lens. This single is off his new EP Lost Travels. The introspective release dives deep into his most intimate feelings. Through all the trials he faced in his life, he has always taken solace in spending time with his thoughts. “Time is Relative” displays that profound pondering.

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