Dylan Reese doubles down on his buzz on “All Your Fault”

One of the most common things avid listeners of music do is try to determine the vibe of a song based on the title. For example, a song titled, “Millionaire,” would be an up beat song about making money while, “Homeless,” would be a somber record indicating the exact opposite. While this practice is common, it’s also the reason that the most creative of artists try to dupe their fans by creating records that embody a different vibe. Hailing from Massachusetts, rising vocalist Dylan Reese employs this exact method for his intriguing new video for, “All Your Fault.”

As previously mentioned, the title for the song strongly suggests the content would be made up of bashing an ex lover. Instead, Dylan flips the term on it’s head and pens a wonderful record about blaming somebody for bringing too much joy into your life, causing you to become a bit spoiled and turned off to the notion of anything else. Utilizing his impressive vocal range and showcasing his genius knack for melodic progression, he smoothly rides over the minimalistic production as his lyrics make him easily relatable to the listener. The video does a great job of taking these things and packaging them together, as director, Masahico Torres brings the whole thing home with his well-placed use of vibrant colors and fish eye lenses.

In all, Dylan Reese is one of the more exciting up and coming vocalists, and “All Your Fault” proves exactly why. Couple this release with his recently released collaboration with Musiq Soulchild and it’s easy to see why he’s billed as a can’t-miss-prospect. Check out the video above.

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