E.R.I.E Explore modern society on indie punk anthem “Bad Man’s World”

Albany-based indie-rock quartet, E.R.I.E, offer a fresh take on suburban life in America with their latest single “Bad Man’s World”. The track serves as a comedic commentary on the patriarchal nature of modern society and the struggle to fit into the stereotypical idea of ‘manhood’. With crunchy guitars and catchy choruses, E.R.I.E’s sound is a blend of The Menzingers, Tom Petty, and blink-182.

Formed after TJ Foster’s harrowing experience of emergency heart surgery in 2018, the band’s upcoming album, Suburban Mayhem, explores the external forces that impact us daily. The track has a joyful nature, with the lyrics including plenty of tongue-in-cheek references to modern culture layered over an emphatic indie-punk attitude. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, the band state:

“The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve struggled with this notion of ‘manhood’. There is this awful, patriarchal element to our society that is impossible to justify. It’s a deeply flawed world run by deeply flawed men. I’ve never been one of those men who acts tough or ‘masculine’ (in a stereotypical sense), yet those are the types of men awarded such controls. I wanted to write a tongue-in-cheek song that examined all of this. Like, how much easier would life be if I was just a chauvinistic, cutthroat asshole instead? It’s hard to remember sometimes, but even though we live in a bad man’s world, it’s the good ones – the gentle and kind ones – who leave the greatest impact. That’s what I aspire to be.” TJ Foster (Vocals/Guitar)

Listen in full below

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