E the Profit connects with Dro Kenji for new single “Afford Me”

Kentucky artist E the Profit has connected with South Carolina’s Dro Kenji for a new single called “Afford Me”. Powerful and infectious, “Afford Me” follows up E’s recent singles such as “Watch” and “J Randle”, and finds him sharing a natural chemistry with Kenji. Containing an engrossing balance between melodic flourishes and hard-hitting sounds, “Afford Me” is a track that remains refreshing sonically throughout.

“Afford Me” opens with elegant, confident pianos before heavy, immersive 808s create a muscular rhythm, locked in by bouncy percussion. Atop the cathartic instrumentation, Kenji starts with soaring, catchy melodies that create an engaging contrast with E the Profit’s deeper, gripping delivery. Packed full with charismatic bars as well as an addictive, sleek hook, “Afford Me” is a release that is both effortless and exciting.

The latest from E the Profit, “Afford Me” continues the Kentucky artist’s streak of potent, lively recent singles and finds him delivering a refreshing banger alongside Dro Kenji.

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