Easy Life return with double single release “see you later maybe never (demos)”

Creating has become an inevitable response to the Coronavirus related lockdowns. During quarantine, we have seen countless musicians release content early, or better yet, release create content that may never have been created otherwise. Today, Easy Life have released their own addition to quarantine content, a double single release collectively called see you later maybe never (demos). 

Opening track “peanut butter” is impossibly groovy, with a cheeky, infectious horn section and a laidback melody. Follow up track “petty crime” is a considerably more lo-fi offering from the British group, who take being hard to pigeonhole to a new level: they weave hip-hop and pop convention seamlessly with indie sensibilities, and have made a name for themselves on their perpetual unpredictability. 

The band notes that the two tracks have been “cooked up since the dreaded corona started. We wanted to put something out to spare people from the infinite boredom that is lockdown and also just to keep ourselves entertained. pretty simple really, just a couple of tunes to make people smile and get them through the day.”

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