Echo Frame confidently saunters “On The Avenue”

Echo Frame is the latest solo project from singer-songwriter-producer Luke Frame. He arrives with his sophomore single “On The Avenue.” The Vancouver-based artist has his roots in garage and surf rock, but the results on his new single are a smooth, crisp, and disco-tinged.

With “On The Avenue,” Frame takes flight through a lush, lo-fi soundscape that captures this feeling of coolness. Jangly guitar melodies and this aura of nighttime survey the scene. “On The Avenue” has a certain way about it, more than just a capturing sound, but a confident layer to it. The genreless endeavor leans on a narrative of romantic infatuation and satisfying a vacancy within. Ultimately, “On The Avenue” is a tender showcase of absorbing, psychedelic-influenced arrangements and reflective songwriting from a newcomer displaying limitless promise.

“‘On The Avenue’ is a midnight stroll,” Echo Frame expressed over email. “Two strangers meeting in the night and falling for each other. It’s reminiscing about where love began.”

The latest track follows Echo Frame’s debut single “Blue For Many Moons” released earlier this summer.

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