Ed Staal fuses R&B and pop on “That Girl”

Ed Staal delivers a delectable melting point of pop melodies and R&B influence on “That Girl”, signing off the track with an ample dose of groove and atmospheric harmonies. Irresistibly catchy and fast-paced, Ed’s vocals are impassioned and effortless in tone, delivering quick-witted lyrics above sharp and seamless production. The instrumentation blends old and new, with sophisticated distortion on funk-infused rhythm guitar lines and shuffling beats of a lightly reverberating drum kit.

Talking about the single Ed adds: “I made “That Girl” as a way of saying “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” to that one friend you like who is just an absolute mess. It’s an energetic cross of Pop, Rock and Punk and is a song that I’ve been itching for people to hear since the second I had the song ready to release. I really think people are going to enjoy this one.”

The Hertfordshire artist brings mass appeal to the table, whilst still keeping firmly within his own style. Support from UK tastemakers cement Ed Staal as a rising force, and with an EP well on the way, Ed is delivering an indulgent taste of what is to come.

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