Edalo shares vivid album ‘Mirage’

Edalo has shared a new album, titled Mirage. A multi-talented artist, Edalo has worked as a producer, composer, and instrumentalist in the industry for 10 years and collaborated with top names from the music scene like Ray Charles Family & Foundation, Robby Takac from The Goo Goo Dolls, and many more. Apart from working with these artists, Edalo also learned from them while preserving his originality to stand out. He overcame a series of challenges to become the songwriter he is today, from struggling with poverty to being homeless, abused and even battling mental illness, he has been through much. His new album, Mirage, mirrors his journey through all these experiences and presents them in different shades in different songs. The album is Edalo’s passion project where he “has poured his heart and soul”, and it shows across 11 tracks that glimmer with emotive, vivid soundscapes.

Mirage neatly blends analog and electronic instrumentation throughout its track-listing, pairing glossy keyboards with energizing synths on tracks like the opener “Mirage”, with much cohesion. Pop and dance elements merge on songs like “Staying To Myself” and “Never Enough”, giving the songs added character with pulsating bass-lines and infectious vocals. “Find My Home” includes expansive instrumentation that diversifies Edalo’s sound palette, with dynamic songwriting that gives it extra liveliness that hooks the listener in.

Edalo shares, “I have been blessed with opportunities to learn some of the most valuable lessons a school could never have taught me”. Mirage portrays these lessons in musical forms that can connect with people from all walks of life.

Edalo’s latest offering Mirage is a heartfelt collection of songs that demonstrates his sharp songwriting abilities across vivid soundscapes.

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