Egyptian Blue share new visceral post-punk EP ‘Body of Itch’

Brighton-based post-punk outfit Egyptian Blue release their sophomore EP Body Of Itch today – and quite frankly it’s bloody brilliant. Acting as a call to arms to step up the resistance against frustrations with the modern world, the EP’s stocky three-tracks hurl the band into action. It’s time to pledge allegiance to the boys in the band. 

EP opener and recent single “Nylon Wire” is a sharp number dictating the band’s ferocity. Written after a jam – frontman Andy Buss comments: “some of our tracks take weeks of configuration, others take minutes” – the energy throughout this track is raw and punchy. Building in intensity, the track eclipses into a display of intricately moulded guitar lines and drum thuds.

Taking aim at the monotony of typical working life, “Four Is The Last Four” critiques the everyday routine of clocking in and clocking out. There’s an early punk feel to this one, almost like it came out decades ago, yet it remains the best track on the EP by far. Punctuated with raucous sounds, and enhanced with an indie-leaning guitar line throughout, lead single “Never” displays a frantic surge of volume. Asking us to challenge what we are told by the media, Buss shouts “weapons of mass deception” ferociously into the ears of the listener. If you don’t internalise the message now, I doubt you ever will.

Despite only being the band’s second EP, Body Of Itch feels wise. It’s a critique of modern culture, but laced with punk intricacies and brimming with heart. Offering a solution to those who might be feeling a little lost and angry at the world right now, I urge you to buy it, stream it, do whatever, just make sure you know who Egyptian Blue are because, quite frankly, they’re here to stay.

Body Of Itch is released today via YALA! Records.

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