Egzod and Aleesia share the stratospheric “Machine”

Miami-based French-Portuguese bass music producer Egzod has had a blistering 2020 so far, with five blockbuster tracks under his belt. His productions are unmistakably his own, having crafted a distinct, melody-driven sonic character, independent of the constraints of genre. With his previous release, “Live A Lie” not long in the rearview mirror, he is back to stun once again with the equally as emphatic “Machine.”

Pulling elements from world music, a hallmark of Egzod’s productions, the minute-long introduction takes its time in establishing the epic scope of the track. Flutes, plucked strings and huge drums coalesce to craft an almost otherworldly theme, with Canadian pop songstress Aleesia’s honeyed vocal balancing that energy with an inspirational top-line that performs like a call-to-arms. Speaking to the lyrics in the press release, she outlines that “‘Machine’ is a record about inner strength and the power in persistence. There’s nothing more motivating than being underestimated; there is nothing more satisfying than facing adversity and coming out stronger because of it.” Whether purposely timed or not, the inspirational message is perfectly executed, and the dutiful accompaniment to such a powerful track.

The drop hits, switching gears in a way that takes you by surprise, setting a pounding groove that’s hard to not bop your head to instantaneously. With such consistent quality and no sign of slowing down any time soon, be sure to keep tabs on this unstoppable talent.

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