Eimaral Sol and Dende reflect on the “Season”

Emerging neo-soul singer/songwriter Eimaral Sol caught our ears with her new release entitled “Season.” A midtempo, summer-infused love song that dives into the aftermath of a relationship gone sour. The record is quite layered and oozes pure sober reflections for the most part as Sol runs through the experience of finally letting go in amicable circumstances. Joining her on the record is singer Dende who plays her ex on the song. Dende gives his own perspective and we can say both parties are in concord and have decided to give themselves the much-needed space.

“Season” sure captures the changing face of the neo-soul genre with its off-kilter approach that is steeped in classic neo-soul and futuristic elements. From the prudent use of mild vocal effects and slow-building progressions, the record is quite dynamic and gives the listener a slightly different take on the genre.

No full project is attached to “season” but as a one-off track, it sure hits the mark. It is produced by Billy Blunt, Jordan Knul, and Russell Guess.

Get it on all DSPs here. 

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