Eira Haul impresses with debut EP ‘Lonely Water’

Berlin’s Eira Haul has joined the Lemon Test roster to release his debut EP, Lonely Water. Though it may be his first release, his Lustgarten parties in Berlin have been well-loved fixtures for years. With the Lemon Test crew (Liebherr, Guy Nicki, and JennaJ) providing a space for some of the most exciting newcomers in the game, Lonely Water is a melting pot of breaks, jungle and dub that serve up a wicked potion. With three original tracks plus two remixes from Ryan James Ford and Liebherr, there’s something on here for any and all free spirits.

Lemon Test · Lorica

Title track “Lonely Water” jumps straight in at the deep end with frantic breaks and choppy, indistinguishable vocals; the perfect beginning to any rave tune. Cue a complete switch up just as we reach the peak, with a fierce acid line layered over the breaks to create a weapon of mass dancefloor-destruction. We hope this one will be doing the rounds for time to come — it’s too good to only hear at home. “Survivor” adopts a slightly moodier tone, leaning more towards the electro side of things. With the tempo turned up a couple of notches, Haul makes use of more muffled vocals and a woozy, winding lead to create a dark but dreamy soundscape. The sort of dance music it’s easy to become completely lost in, and that’s exactly what we all need in the current climate.

Following the shadowy sounds radiating from “Survivor,” “Lorica” greets us with a (much welcomed) smack to the face. Five minutes of full-throttle, jungle madness adds just enough range to make Lonely Water one of the most exciting releases of the summer. Haul layers shimmering synths to create moments of pure rave euphoria over raging breaks; the contrast is, simply put, exquisite. Easily a stand-out on an incredibly strong EP, is there anything Eira Haul can’t do? “Lorica” is a special track indeed — the sort of music you’ll still be playing ten years down the line.

The greatness doesn’t stop at the originals though, with the remixes bringing just as much heat and a completely fresh take. Ryan James Ford’s remix of “Lonely Water” takes things to a dubbier, more fractured level. It might be half-time, but it’s still got all the power of the original, serving all sorts of weird after-hours vibes. Liebherr’s remix goes heavy on the breaks, stripping the rest of the track back and throwing in a few tranquil pads to give the track a life, and sound of its own. A truly serene way to close things off.

Lonely Water can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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