Eldridge Rodriguez drop relaxed but contemplative album ‘Atrophy’

Boston noise rock legends Eldridge Rodriguez veer away from the electro-rock and power pop of their last two releases on their fifth full length release Atrophy. Rooted in a laid-back indie feel infused with their signature noise pop sensibility, the album weaves a personal tale touching upon topics of on love, loss and the burden of memory.

Blending a brooding yet fun vibe, the 12-track collection manages to be lighter but more personal than previous albums.

Opening with the rumbling yet emotive style of “A Feeling That Won’t Go Away,” that stretches into “Megalodon,” the album first notes have an uplifting sonic style. Mellower tones come to life on slower numbers like “Dry Atlantis,” and “The Ghost of Emily Post,” with deep vocals sweep gently over textured instrumentals.

The poignance of the themes within the album is best captured by stand out offering “Have I Gone Too Far” which delves into  day to day isolation, monotony and depression that went along with quarantining during the height of the pandemic.

“Help Me Help Me,” is a sunnier, more anthemic production while “Black Hearts on His Chest,” delivers serenity within its luxuriant soundscape as the uber slow-build final track “Take Yr Time,” reverberates in our ears and hearts even as the final notes echo away.

Speaking of the album, Cameron Keiber says, “Atrophy is a lighter album in some ways than the band has done before. It’s poppier, it’s looser.  We had an “anything goes” approach. We started in one place at the beginning and wound up completely somewhere else by the end. There is a warehouse of songs and ideas that weren’t used.  You can kind of stockpile ideas if you don’t tie yourself down to the sounds you’ve used before and expand your musical vocabulary. It’s fun stuff.”

With a more relaxed but contemplative feel that wraps around us alongside reflective song writing, Atrophy is a powerful and soothing glimpse of  Keiber’s sonic versatility under his  moniker in shining glory.

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