ELi DON and Verbz team up for “Mission Abort” [Video]

Southend, Essex-based rapper ELi DON is preparing to release his debut EP Busy Going Nowhere, at the end of the month but in the interim, he shares the lead single “Mission Abort” and its accompanying video. The track produced by OSVMA is a lofi-soul bouncy tune that sees ELi teaming up with fellow UK lyricist Verbz for a brilliant mix of reflection, bravado and herb-inspired flows. ELi sets it off with his lazy but punchy flow and gives us an insight into his state of mind with lines like “My eyes so red that they can stop traffic/’cause We chop salad for my weed bong habit got a demon chatting on my shoulder/how they rapping I could tell they never had an older/Me I got my brother so I’m acting like a soldier“. He follows it with a smooth melody-tinged chorus as Verbz comes through on the second verse with his semi-gruff flow and vivid lines like  “Conflicted when I scribe, lights flicker in the lime mixing elixirs when I’m liquor sipping, sitting in the ride/ Did it for my pride on a mission till I’m nice, never listen to my intuition, missing what was mine“.

The accompanying animated visual was crafted by ELi himself and he sure makes it look easy. The hand-drawn animation is fluid, and humorous and makes use of an easy-to-follow storyboard that follows the out-of-this-world adventures of ELi and Verbz as two astronauts searching for new horizons.

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