Eli explores the realms of jungle, hyperpop and experimental on new single “Opening/ Track ID”

Returning with an experimental but undeniably powerful new single, Australian artist Eli is proving he’s a man of many hidden talents. Blending alternative-dance with hyper-pop and punk influences, the somewhat confusing title “Opening/ Track ID” offers a dynamic and exhilarating listening experience, reminiscent of artists like Skin On Skin, Bladee, and Nia Archives. As the opening track of an upcoming five-track EP, “Opening/Track ID” was notably the last song written for the project, crafted swiftly over a few sessions in a friend’s apartment.

The track is characterized by its chaotic rhythms and relentless energy, inspired by Scan’s “Bees.” Eli’s lyrics unfold in a continuous stream of consciousness, eschewing traditional song structures in favor of a freestyle-like approach. This innovative format effectively captures the artist’s reflective and self-aware lyricism, encapsulating the doubts and exhilarations of the creative process.

Eli describes this song as a representation of the project’s essence, blending modern club-inspired production with introspective themes. It’s a powerful opener that sets the tone for what’s to come. Available via Mammal Sounds Records, “Opening/Track ID” is a must-listen for fans of energetic and genre-blending music.

“I wanted this track to open the ep as well as showcase the beginning of this project because I feel it very quickly represents what Eli is about. Energetic electronica, more modern club-inspired production, and self-reflective lyricism. The lyrics represent the way I feel about making music and what it means to me—the doubtfulness of creating and the feeling of being out of your depth.” ~ Eli

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