Elizabeth Moen marks her return with single “Creature of Habit”

Elizabeth Moen’s first single of the year “Creature of Habit” tells the story of resorting to old habits through the medium of a slow, lulling rhythm. The single narrates the reality of so many of us in 2020, and proves her return has been worth the wait. 

Last December, Moen recorded a live Audiotree session, capturing a moment before the “sorry, what’s happening?” vibe of 2020 established itself. Watching it is a reminder of a not-so-distant but simpler time. Moen, completely absorbed in her music, singing to the world with entirely relatable lyrics. She continually taps into this method of utter honesty, not straying from the details that make us human. “Creature of Habit” is a prime example. 

Hailing from Iowa but routinely traveling between frequent working locations (Dublin, San Francisco) pre-pandemic, Moen wrote during quarantine as a way to remain focused, observing the inner workings of herself that are likely similar to many of us. “Creature of Habit” could be anyone’s diary entry from this past spring of isolation. Namely, indulging our innate inclinations and doubling back to old ways. The experimentation of new electronic-leaning production alongside a rising and cascading voice draws an alluring new sound from Moen. That, paired with an undeniably honest portrayal of humans in 2020, presents a powerful combination to mark her return. 

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