ELIZZA takes us through messages of self-worth on self-titled debut EP

Rising London musician ELIZZA takes us through messages of self-worth and learning to love rooted in an exploration of the ups and downs of your 20s in her self-titled debut EP. With a personal message at its heart, ELIZZA’s infectious yet soulful musicality is infused with notes of catharsis and comfort that leave us wanting more.

From delving into the idea of listening to your heart on romantic number “Down For the Ride,” to capturing the moment you realise your relationship will never be the same as it used to be within the lush instrumentals of “Love Me Like You Used To,” the project balances joyous instances with vulnerable experiences, crafting an intricate sonic world that ebbs and flows alongside our emotions.

ELIZZA showcases her musical versatility moving from fierce and fun anthem “Bad Girls,” celebrating the freedom of being whoever you want to be, transitioning into the sultry feels of “Sins,” which dives into mistakes that feel good as she reflects on living life with no regrets.

Blending youthful charm and spontaneously with quiet moments of introspection, this rising star delivers a profound and enjoyable project that showcases the confidence and skill she has developed over the years, leaving us in anticipation of what’s to come.

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