Ella Isaacson celebrates women on empowering anthem “RUDE”

New York-hailing, LA-residing talent Ella Isaacson kicks off 2023 with steamy anthem “RUDE,” with an empowering theme of building yourself up with self-love and unshakeable confidence. Led by vibrant sonics built upon playful drums, hypnotic synths and her sassy vocal lines, the infectious production is a celebration of being a woman.

Born out of a text conversation with a friend, the groovy yet energetic pop offering encapsulatesthe wow-moment of enchanting people with our sex appeal, encouraging us to be our own biggest cheerleader.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, she says,  “In my previous music I talked about a break up that really broke me down, and I had to find a way to find that self love again and a way to build myself up from my lowest point and form a whole new me.”

Having spent her childhood creating songs and honing her craft, Ella Isaacson has established herself as an act capable of touching our hearts as she helps us find ourselves wrapped up in the joy of her luscious pop artistry.

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