Ella Rosa has got the ick in new single “gross!!!”

British dance artist Ella Rosa has got the ick. Her latest single “gross!!!” is a playful tune about the awkward first stages of a relationship, where the PDA is almost unbearable. We’ve all been there, sometimes it’s inevitable and even hard to tone down when you’re feeling head over heels for someone, but Rosa is here to try and cool things down a little, urging people to quite simply “get a room.”

The songwriter shares, “I made this song to poke fun at myself. PDA, puppy love, infatuation, whatever you want to call it is gross and I needed to almost make an anthem to remind myself (and others) that it’s not that deep.”

Rosa’s sweet, angelic vocals glide like silk over throbbing drum and bass, while twinkling guitars, and iridescent synths create an all-consuming atmosphere. 

“gross!!!” follows her five-track EP, anxious attachment style, which dropped earlier this year. Word has it that 2024 is set to be a big one for Ella Rosa, with more dance-centric anthems pending for release.

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