Ellen Krauss reconfigures fear in new single “No Talk”

Sweden’s Ellen Krauss fills those small compartments of the heart that have been empty for too long with an indie-pop tonic titled “No Talk,” which attempts to rebalance the way the organ operates, how it reacts to fear. “No Talk” is a groovy, super-smooth number that erupts at the choruses with the vibrant vocals of Krauss dispersing acoustic guitar string pickings like fireflies. Piano key trickles, an exquisite bassline, and an atmosphere of bravery are all that is needed to sell this track so lovely.

Krauss, a lively young talent, deploys a maturity in “‘No Talk’ that is so welcomed: a sophisticated touch is felt in the string instrumentation and the soulful hooks of Krauss both swelling and embellishing the heart reconfiguration at the core of the song. Krauss explains: “No Talk is about ignoring the fear of getting it wrong for a minute, and just letting yourself be swept away. It’s okay to seize the moment even though you have no clue what you’re doing.” Seizing the moment is what Krauss is doing, and it is not to be missed.

Ellen Krauss’ music is pure class, with an edge of youth that is the spark igniting those themes some would rather not tackle. With her sights set on a summer release for her next EP, Krauss is offering us a daring composition that is absorbed into the indie-pop nucleus, enriching it, and ultimately helping it exert its influence on the mainstream all while we ritualistically dance to its expanding sounds.

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