Elliot Lee’s “Rubies” is electrifying and haunting

Elliot Lee is proving herself a force to be reckoned with. This emerging pop punk queen has been turning heads lately and rightfully so. Known for her thrilling vocals, edgy pop melodies, and infectious hooks, the young star has been striking up a viral following with her recent releases “Pink” and “TV Head”.

Lee’s latest offering “Rubies” is off of her highly anticipated EP Queen of Nothing set for release this summer. The song is a powerful mix of genres that falls at the intersection of punk, hip hop and electro pop creating a masterful fusion that introduces yet another example of the artist’s ability to break boundaries and surprise her listeners with uncompromising originality.

According to her press release, the concept behind “Rubies” is Queendom, which is often characterized by anger, greed, envy, and bloodlust. Recounting her personal struggles with fitting into society, Elliot Lee dives deep to expose hard-hitting emotions and uncomfortable truths resulting in the ultimate catharsis.  “I’d kill to fit in, now there’s blood on my hands, ‘cause I only like my rubies red”. Haunting dark pop melodies filled with fiery rapping and taunting vocals send the listener on a wild and unforgettable journey through the inner-workings of Elliot’s mind as she tries to grapple with her own inner turmoil. The video is equally intense and features Elliot Lee angry and dressed up like a queen, often shown in silhouette or in a coffin where she is confined to the prison she has built for herself.  

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Elliot Lee strives to connect with the underrepresented through candid lyrics that often touch on uncomfortable topics. Watch her new visuals for “Rubies” now and contemplate the perils of greed. 

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