Eloise Viola releases the impeccable single "Trying To Love Ya" [Video]

London-based singer-songwriter Eloise Viola shares the fiesty new single "Trying To Love Ya". A hearty pop single rooted in disco grounds, the single flows with excitement and showcases Viola as a true powerhouse.

If Future Nostalgia taught us anything, it's that we still yearn for funk-fuelled pop songs. "Trying To Love Ya" harnesses the foundations of pop to propel it's disco-y, funk additions to the forefront, offering a groove-laden single that makes you want to bop. Viola's powerful vocals unearth a grittiness to the track whilst the melodies flow with such vigour that you're left ready to hit repeat as soon as it ends. 

The track's key messages in the lyrics of needing to love yourself. "We live in a world where we are bombarded by images of beautiful people, most of which have had surgery, retouch and edit their photos, which often leads to us comparing ourselves negatively," explains Viola. "'Trying To Love Ya’ is a song about how difficult it is to love yourself in the face of this, when it can feel like everything is telling you that you’re not good enough, in order to sell you the remedy. My own journey with self-love and my body image started with learning to challenge and overcome the negative thoughts and beliefs that pop into my head, and this song is about that struggle, and highlights the importance of knowing that the way you speak to yourself is important."

With it's euphonious tones and vocals that would make any stop what they're doing an take notice, "Trying To Love Ya" is a power anthem that we all need when we're in a battle with self-image. Eloise Viola's sounds are not only inspiring, but are necessary, in a world where we constantly compare ourselves, "Trying To Love Ya" is a reminder to do just that. 

Catch Eloise Viola on tour with Lawson in the UK this autumn.

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