Elsdeer drops their first album, ‘Namara’

Elsdeer is a singer-songwriter from Germany and Romania who has just released their first album, Namara. The album is a unique blend of different styles of music that creates a beautiful and dreamy sound. Elsdeer’s ability to combine different sounds seamlessly is evident in the ten tracks on ‘Namara’.

The album takes you on a 40-minute journey through Elsdeer’s musical world. Each song is like a chapter that helps you understand the artist’s musical vision. The album is a beautiful tapestry of sound you can get lost in, with shimmering guitars and rich arrangements.

Elsdeer is planning a tour across western Europe in March 2024, where they will perform with a full band. The live performances will be enchanting, and the audience will be part of the show.

If you enjoy music from artists like Adrianne Lenker, Sufjan Stevens, and Aldous Harding, you will love Elsdeer’s. ‘Namara’ is an emotional and introspective album that will take you on a journey of self-discovery.

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