Emerging artist Payton Moormeier is euphoric and emotive on “What I Need" [Video]

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Payton Moormeier, delivers catchy pop-punk sound in his latest single "WHAT I NEED"—a smooth, guitar-led offering with the rising creator’s trademark style of taking influence from his real life. Shining a light on his youthful vocals and his ability to pen vulnerable lyrics, the track toes the line between euphoric and emotive.

With an impressive ability to channel his innermost feelings, both good and bad, through the soulful sieve of his earworm melodies, Payton’s rich musicality oozes anthemic sensibilities matched equally by his introspective narratives, encouraging us to feel and work through any burdens weighing us down.

Having established his versatility with a vast slate of music, each one unique slotting into the pop-punk spectrum, this Georgia-born and North Carolina-raised singer weaves airy, upbeat music grounded in reality as each lilting note leads along in an uplifting journey that gives us hope that there is no challenge too big to overcome.

Only a year into his career yet with a steady fanbase behind him, Payton offers escapism, self-reflection and simple enjoyment in his seamlessly genre-hopping brand of alt-pop music – and this just the beginning for the emerging act as he prepares to soon grace the world with an intricately crafted debut EP.

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