Emerging artists tmdistant and vi0let come together on dark pop single "nothing new"

Essex-based  tmdistant singer-songwriter and rapper comes together German-Irish pop/R&B artist vi0let for a futuristic collaboration “nothing new.” An electro-centred offering framed by elements of dark pop, the song is an intense exploration of toxic relationships.

Written from the  “perspective of the man in the relationship who is fed up with the situation he is in with the beautiful woman,” narrating the tale of two individuals who are not good for each other, yet refuse to part and thus infusing unnecessary toxicity to their lives. The track produced by Abare thus has a message that thrums with the discomfort that comes with raw honesty yet feels heartening in its attempt to encourage strength.

At only 18 years, tmdistant is an undeniable role model, showcasing much-needed solidarity with the women of the world, as he takes a stand through the empowering track. Crafted carefully on a strong foundation of groovy melodies and vi0let’s husky vocals, the track calls out increasingly normalized instances of toxicity.

Having earned himself success as part of duo Tm & Remy, the multi-faceted talent stepped into the limelight on his own with last year’s solo debut, the dark afro trap-infused offering “In the Dark.” Now with this latest production, he makes it known that versatility is the signature of his artistry.

Elevated by vi0let’s sultry voice, “nothing new,” swerves seamlessly into a layered soundscape that combines the gritty elements of anti-pop and cloud rap with softer touches of indie and electronic instrumentals, in a stunning showcase of his genre-bending sound, and it’s a sure fact that it’s only the beginning of what’s set to be a long and impressive sonic journey.

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