Emerging indie-rock act LEAP talks self-medication on anthemic track "Potions"

Edinburgh-born, Johannesburg-raised musician LEAP delves into vices and escapism on alt-rock offering “Potions,” which continues to tap into an autobiographical exploration of mental health carried by anthemic guitars and deafening beats. With a deeply personal message on addiction and feeling disconnected from the world, drawn from his own experiences of struggling with bipolar disorder, the track balances intimate yet intense songwriting with expansive rock soundscapes.

Described as an anthem for anyone who has struggled with self-medication, the track brims the vulnerability of seeking escape from one’s own mind, connecting with listeners despite being pulled from the depths of LEAP’s heart and mind. Written following an extended manic episode in a psychiatric ward, “Potions,” draws us into a hazy world of alcohol, medication and drugs, letting us find solace in detachment while nuances of emotion sneak through with his deep vocals.

Energetic and uplifting yet sobering and grounded, LEAP’s artistry swings wildly between extremes but continues to keep us rooted with its prime goal of infusing positivity into our lives. From dropping his first two singles in 2020 to quickly developing a raw yet sleek artistic persona as the enigmatic LEAP, musician Jacky Balfour Scott has tapped into natural ability to surprise people as he moves from soaring cheer to introspective silences underpinned by indie-rock sonics on “Potions.”

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