Emerging producer D3070 takes us on a cosmic trip in 'Space Invader' EP

Italian producer D3070 has joined the ever-expanding Lobster Theremin roster with a blistering five-track EP. Bringing us rave-ready, taps-aff cuts of techno and electro, Space Invader means business from the very first beat to the last.

Opening track “Orbital” takes no prisoners, with a punishing bassline setting the pace from the get-go. Flooded with glitchy elements and nimble breaks, it’s as cosmic as you could possibly hope for. An ongoing switch between a four-to-the-floor rhythm and broken beats keeps the track fresh and exciting, and us longing for more. “Space Invader” offers a wholly different sound; one far more stripped back and celestial than its predecessor. Mutant synths and meandering breaks make this a wonderfully classy piece of electro; it may not be an in-your-face banger, but it's one that certainly won't be forgotten in a hurry.

Wading into darker territory, “You Got Me” blends together elements of Dubstep, Footwork and beyond to bring us a moody masterpiece. Short, sweet, and a slightly different sound to what we’re used to from the emerging producer, there’s nothing we love more than a track that blurs the lines between genres. More where that came from, please.

As the mood begins to become more heinous, along comes “Darkness”. Downright apocalyptic, if the end of the world was coming, this would no doubt be soundtracking it. Obscure, unsettling and just down right mean, “Darkness” is exactly what it says on the tin. “Artemis” takes the foot off the pedal for a moment, allowing a brief period to piece your scatterbrained head back together. A five-minute exploration of alien-esque sounds and celestial tinges, it winds things down, but keeps the energy high.

Space Invader can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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