Emerging talent Gun Boi Kaz drops melodic track “something different”

South Korea-born, Connecticut-raised Gun Boi Kaz drops melodic number “something different,” led by his husky vocals over a sultry soundscape of snappy beats and gentle instrumentation.

Delving into the vulnerable tale of a teen girl who chases love only to be left heartbroken time and time again, the song carries an intimate narrative that anyone who has experienced  the ups and downs of love.

Managing to pull at heartstrings with its emotive quality while still maintaining an infectious vibe, the track which was originally written as a TikTok snippet, grew into a full-fleshed, intricate number showcasing Kaz’s entrancing vocals and poetic lyricism after going viral on social media.

Having first recorded music at the age of 16, Kaz who has consistently found solace in his artistry continues to build a loyal fanbase who also find an outlet for their deepest emotions in his cathartic productions.

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