Emily Rowed releases new single “Heartbreak of the Year” off upcoming EP

Earlier this year Vancouver artist Emily Rowed released “Crying in Cars”, an EP bursting with soul-twisting melodies chronicling almost tangible heartache. She follows suit with today’s single “Heartbreak of the Year.”

Where the tracks of “Crying in Cars” are individually crafted with breathy vocals or soft-pop rhythms, this latest single presents its power through the vessel of simple piano chords, slowly climbing vocals, and light production at the chorus’s highest peaks. Rowed tries to convince us she’ll “be better soon” over and over in the bridge, rewarding the song’s perpetrator with the trophy and title for heartbreak of the year. She writes that the single is a cheeky response to a very painful heartbreak. “Maybe it hurts less when I joke about it?”

“Heartbreak of the Year” is the first single of Rowed’s next EP, dropping in September.

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