Empathy Test share the anxiety-inducing visuals for “Monsters” [Exclusive Video]

London foursome Empathy Test share the hugely anxiety-inducing visuals for their latest single “Monsters”. Nominated for a coveted Berlin Music Video Award, the video is a masterpiece in provocative imagery.

Directed by award winning director Calum Macdiarmid and funded by fans, the visuals heighten the feelings of frustration and inner demons. Wrapped in a glossy electropop soundscape, vocalist Isaac repeatedly states “baby I’ve got the monsters”, uncovering our hidden tormentors. It’s evocatively ethereal and showcases the band’s connection of art with gloomy pop sounds. With repetitive synth patterns and idyllic drum rhythms, “Monsters” is simply an exquisite piece of dark pop.

Telling us more, the band says: “Director Calum Macdiarmid is an old friend of ours and an amazing director. When he pitched his idea to us – David Lynch meets JG Ballard in an underground car park – we thought it sounded perfect for our vibe. The new album is a lot punchier and darker than our previous offerings and Calum’s video captures the feeling of having ‘the monsters’ perfectly.”

The track and its visuals are both hauntingly good and addictive, hooking you in for an unhealthy number of viewings.

Empathy Test’s third album is released on May 22nd. 

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