Emperose shares maxi singles, “Anemone”/”Gratitude”

Emerging Dutch pianist/producer Emperose takes us through his unique ambient production style as he releases a Maxi single containing “Anemone” and its b-side titled, “Gratitude.” The release is the product of years of piano practice and a foray into fusing electronic sounds, vocals, and live guitars into his production.

The lead song “Anemone” makes use of lush improv style piano arrangements and future soul elements. The track slowly builds into a frenzy as the ambient textures come into play with rousing drums and a subtle vocal harmony that helps form a firm backline. There are quite a number of twists on this one in the second half where he delivers a short vocal performance as the beat mellows out to afford the melodic runs some breathing space. From there, the beat moves into a soft Fender Rhodes solo that adds a fluid, underwater vibe before the main chords return and closes out with a gripping guitar solo.

The b-side “Gratitude” has a more linear progression and makes extensive use of the Fender Rhodes to drive home that nostalgic and reflective feeling. Again, the production style is dynamic in many ways as it moves from lower energy to a higher position as it progresses. I also love how new instruments come into play to spice up the instrumentation. From the bright pads, shimmering synths that cascade the smooth drum breaks to the weird vocal samples and sudden breaks, Emperose ensures that our attention is kept from start to finish.

Emperose’s musicality sure plays out on these records and with his extensive training in classical music and love for Chet Baker, he takes the listener through what he refers to as an audio journey.

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