Enda Gallery delivers atmospheric, playful production “Cowboy Coffee”

Irish artist Enda Gallery delivers atmospheric production “Cowboy Coffee”—a playful offering drawn from his personal experiences in a relationship. An alluring combination of spiritual and sexual feelings, the track is described as a liberating exploration of stepping into the world of hedonism as an innocent and of being guided by someone more experienced than you.

Written while staying at an Airbnb in Berlin, the track which was made alongside longtime collaborator Derek Ullenboom is a purposeful and innovative dive made to connect with people across the globe. Boasting a deep sincerity that has become his signature and a fresh injection of creativity elevated by visuals produced by Chris Schwarz, the track is an electro-pop crossover that places Gallery’s enticing vocals at its centre.

Led by a creative combination of images, films and messages, Gallery’s artistry is a fine balance between cheeky narratives and poignant introspection, "Coffee Cowboy" delivers escapist and blissful themes that seek to free us from expectations of the future and traumas of the past. 

Speaking of the track, he says, “I wrote this in 2014 and it just felt like the right time to finish it now. I was living with my girlfriend at the time, but her parents were very religious so when her father visited, we had to pretend we didn’t live together, so I had to stay at an Airbnb.”

With an artistry founded on thoughtful lyricism, genre-defying soundscapes and honest life experiences, Gallery has gone from strength to strength from releasing his debut album The Journey to Zeroin April 2020 to collaborating with the likes of Kid Simius, Dead Rabbit, Nobody’s Face – and this latest production launches him further along in his upward trajectory.

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