Enny makes noteworthy debut with “He’s Not Into You”

A debut release for any artist can be nerve-wracking. It’s a vulnerable act to put one’s art into the world for the first time and it’s rare to hear a new artist come out of the gate with comfort and confidence. Londoner Enny, however, is not a typical up-and-comer. After gaining traction from a freestyle in 2018 and support from the Hackney-based DIY collective and the record label Root 73, the vocalist has released an impressive debut track right out the gate entitled “He’s Not Into You.”

With help from some lush soundscapes and a thumping beat on the track, Enny sings about accepting that a love interest may have eyes for someone or something else. She delivers her vocals with a captivating blend of spoken word and singing, communicating a sense of romanticism with lines like, “My friends think it’s pathetic, but see I think it’s prophetic so unless there is a wedding then there’s still a chance.” It’s a very relatable sentiment and she expresses it in an earnest and endearing way that makes the listener root for her, especially toward the end of the track when she writes, “Always put you before a dude.” In just one single, Enny shows effortless, versatile vocal skills and a deft balance between hopeless romanticism and self-reliance, making “He’s Not Into You” an entertaining track that is hopefully the first of many from Enny.

“He’s Not Into You” is available to stream or download here.

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Photo credit: Ivan Bliminse