Eon Zero opens up on “O.C.D.”

Although multi-faceted artist Eon Zero started his career in multimedia filming DIY skateboard videos during his time in college, he has always harbored a love for music. Growing up in a house full of musicians, Zero quickly learned to play a wide range of different instruments including drums, guitar, and trumpet. He now uses this multi-instrumental proficiency to express his true feelings on his new single “O.C.D.” where he reflects on a past love and how he has found a way to overcome his addiction to his ex but in some weird way, he still misses the thrill.

The self-produced track is quite mellow but bolstered with punchy trap drums, solemn guitar riffs, and an engulfing ominous pad beat. Zero stays true to himself on the track with open and honest lyrical content that shares his deepest feelings about a previous love. To be honest, “O.C.D.” has to be the saddest song I have heard this week but the introspective songwriting provides beautiful moments for self-reflection. 

As a musician, Eon Zero not only raps and sings, he also does a lot of work as a sound engineer and has his own studio set up in the city of Ann Arbor.

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