Erockfor bares all on debut album 'Phoenix'

Canadian Cameroonian artist, songwriter, actress, burlesque performer, and poet Erockfor has been teasing her highly anticipated debut album Phoenix since May by releasing one single every month and now she finally unveils the project in all its glory. Phoenix, which has been seven years in the making, chronicles finding her way back to healing and restoration after escaping an abusive and adulterous marriage. The ten- track body of work is written and composed by Erockfor herself with the entire production done by LA-based electronic musician Blaire Michael.


Phoenix opens up with its first two lead singles, "I Thought You Love Me," and "I Don’t Want You Back," which set the stage for the rest of the album. The former is a jazz/pop number that sees her revisiting the moment her husband betrayed their marital vows while the latter sees her reclaiming her dignity and committing to move forward from her toxic and traumatic marriage. For the next seven songs on the album, the singer uses the seven main chakras as allegories to express her healing and restoration journey, which started with her being a shy and traumatized woman running away from her hometown in Montreal to South Korea to escape her toxic marriage. That journey has now come round full circle with Erockfor back in Montreal and living her truest, most authentic life, as she describes with the last song on the album, "Rocky." In between these two realities, Erockfor takes us on an important journey of relearning and self-discovery, from the sexy "Sacral," themed around relearning pleasure and sensuality, to the slow-burning "Heart," which represents love, empathy, and compassion, to "Crown," where Erockfor is tapping into her spirituality.

In the production department, Blaire Michael pulled out the proverbial big guns with his cinematic and multi-layered production that takes elements from different genres. The result is a cohesive soul-stirring body of work that allows Erockfor to delve deeper into the dynamics of heartbreak and infidelity as well as the healing and rebirth that have come in the years since.

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