Erockfor pours out her "Heart"


Erockfor follows up her last single "Sacral" with "Heart," a somber piano-driven piece that continues her journey to complete healing from her past trauma. The self-written record is yet another collaboration between her and LA-based electronic musician Blaire Michael, who has been working with Erockfor exclusively on the making of her forthcoming Phoenix album. The production here has a somber cinematic feel that punctuates Erockfor's commanding melodic runs and evocative lyrics that explore her vulnerability and self-doubts and an eventual pathway to a renewed life. Being the fourth single the title is also inspired by the fourth chakra ‘Anahata’, which in Sanskrit for “unhurt” and represents the love, empathy, and compassion elements of Erockfor’s journey so far.

Phoenix, the debut album from Erockfor arrives in October 2021, and she has been releasing a new single every month in the lead-up to the album since May.

Erockfor is a Montreal-born jazz singer of Cameroonian descent. She spent 6 years in Seoul, Korea and since returning to Montreal she started working on her debut album, which explores her journey between the events that caused her to escape to Korea and where she is now.

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